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04 April 2006

My Kid is on Vacation

And pheeew! I'm tired!

Today we went to the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. I had an absolute riot. My husband and our son had fun, too. They had all kinds of hands-on, build your own percussion instrument activities, plus I got to see some of the things I could only glimpse through the door back in November when we did a lacemaking demo there.

They have a tectonic table, where a table of sand is vibrated somehow, and moves into cool patterns. A magnet exhibit, with iron filings inside some kind of fluid, and magnets you can drag them around with. A giant water bowl with a fan blowing the water around into waves.

I chose this day to go because the Dununya African drumming group was supposed to play at 2pm. And they sold out! They held an encore performance at 3:30pm, but unfortunately we had to leave. *sigh* Well, I did have a great time, anyway, and general admission is free. Can't beat that for a day out.

I brought my cotton candy socks along, but ended up looking out the window at the green grass, horses in the fields, sheep both shorn and looking like big white blobs of wool, and daffodils opening everywhere.

And that reminds me, I got my "Fiberline" magazine yesterday, which is basically the Michigan Fiber Festival's catalog of events, workshops, exhibits, and vendors. I would so love to take some of these workshops, and unlike the Convergence ones, they are $40 for half-day and $80 for all-day classes. Parking is free, also unlike "welcome to downtown, please have a parking ticket" Grand Rapids. Now if I can just come up with $80!


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sometimes it is just nice to sit and enjoy the ride.

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