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14 April 2007

I Had A Lovely Friday the Thirteenth

We had sunshine, and I caught up to the fourth pattern in the new round of Sampler M patterns, the "Sampler CM" ones. There is a link to this Dutch and English group in the sidebar.

That second pattern from the bottom is very interesting. The ribs are pronounced because all the knit stitches on the right side are twisted stitches. Twisting them makes them stand right out.

I love knitting this sampler because I keep getting exposed to fairly simple things that have dramatic effects. I knew about ribbing, and I knew about twisted stitches, and I could have figured out how to make the ribs slant with increases and decreases. But on my own, would I have thought about doing all three at once? Probably not, and how delightful!

Sunshine. We had sunshine all day, although the temperature stayed below 45 degrees F. It didn't matter, because the sunshine made it feel so much more like spring than Wednesday's heavy snow.

One of my brothers visited to test-fire a gun he bought. Truffles didn't much like that! But we live out in a rural area, with no close neighbors other than fields, and my brother lives in the city. He fires at a target with our hill as a backstop.

Afterwards he came in and we talked and caught up for a while before he headed home.

And last night was my local canton meeting, the canton being a division of the Society for Creative Anachronism. We started out with a potluck, and for once we didn't have groupthink on what to eat! (More than once we have all brought the same thing, so we have had dessert meetings, chips-and-various-dips meetings, and the infamous "chicken meeting.")

We talked about demos that are planned for this summer and other upcoming events. Afterwards I managed to find our way home in the dark, even if it was Friday the Thirteenth.

So all in all, an excellent day!

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Anonymous Carla M said...

Compliments Lynn! Yes, I also liked the twisted stitches in the second part of the Sampler CM the best.

Carla M

11:59 AM  

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