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30 July 2007

An Open Letter to the Brooklyn Museum

(My thanks to Vicki at Simple Knits and members of the Knitty (tm) Coffeeshop Forum for reminding me of this dear-to-my-heart book. Which I someday hope to own.)

To the people in charge of copyrights on publications:

I've been trying to get a copy of "Knitting Lace," authored by Susanna Lewis, and copyright held by the museum, for several years now.

Copies on eBay often go as high as $100.

Used copies are showing up on BookFinder.com at prices from $143 to $660. (Not a typo: that's "Six hundred and sixty dollars".)

Copies in public libraries often turn up "missing".

I urge whoever is in charge of copyrights to consider allowing a reprint of this book. Knitters who started out knitting scarves are turning to lace knitting with their new-found skills, and are hungry for pattern books.

Large chain bookstores like Barnes and Noble have gone from including knitting in the Craft section, to having a separate section for knitting books.

There is plenty of demand for this book, if it was only available.


Alwen at Lost Arts Studio

You can contact the Brooklyn Museum yourself at their Contact Page.

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Blogger Bells said...

Nice work alwen. Keep us posted on any progress.

7:30 AM  

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