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19 July 2007

Stung on the Neck

Yesterday I went out to hang clean laundry on the clothesline and got stung on the left middle finger and on the neck! by what turned out to be a European paper wasp. Ow.

I put a drop of the antihistimine gel I bought for poison ivy rash on the bites as fast as I could get inside, and took some OTC antihistimine. Last year when one bit me on the wrist, my whole arm and hand swelled up. I still have a little scar from the venom.

I can't afford to have my neck swell up. Not to mention the finger I control knitting stitches with.

Most of the time I am pretty tolerant of bugs. But I'm not going to be stung by venomous insects just for hanging up a damp t-shirt. I insecticided the ends of the T-posts, and we're going to fill the ends in with that expanding foam. Take that, you stinging wasps!

Now I'm going to go knit and probably finish the ragg wool leg warmers, since that should keep me from scratching the bite on my neck.


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