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14 July 2007

Things I Would Never Have Thought Of

One of the advantages of being online is access to ideas I would never have come up with on my own.

A couple of days ago I posted about the Crystal Palace Kid Merino yarn I bought. Curiousity prickled, and I looked up the Crystal Palace Yarn website.

Oooh, looky, they had a color card for Kid Merino. I let that load (dial-up speed) and scrolled up and down all those pretty shades. Yup, there were the ones I got, 435 blueberries-grapes, and 9802 Ultra Blues, plus a bunch of others to drool over or stick my tongue out and blow raspberries at.

But the page also had links to two sock patterns using Kid Merino! Now that I would never have thought of! It's so soft, thin, and fuzzy -- socks? Okay, so they are knitted holding two strands together. But still:

Kid Merino Socks in Rainbow Stripes
Kid Merino Socks with Lace Cuffs
, both designed and knit by Cathy Campbell.

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