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29 June 2007

Another Use for Catnip

Female ruby-throated hummingbirds have finally found my hummingbird feeder, but since the catnip came into bloom, they prefer the catnip flowers!

I really really love my new camera. 7.1 megapixels, and I can take a stop-motion photo of a hummingbird's wings right through the window screen.

Why do I have catnip growing in the fenced yard where the dogs hang out? I don't know: it just showed up.

So there you have it: a fenced dog yard with catnip growing in it and hummingbirds feeding on it.

PS: I found the "Zoo Thing"! It's a wolf-eel, Anarrhichthys ocellatus. Now that I have its name, it's easy to find more information on them.



Blogger amy said...

I'm so glad you figured out the wolf eel. It was in the back of my mind...what IS that thing? :-)

11:22 AM  
Blogger Bells said...

will you look at that photo! We don't get hummingbirds here - but I've always loved them. And I adore catnip (which shows up everywhere in my garden too - such a great self sewer). That photo is really beautiful.

3:46 AM  
Anonymous CoffeeLady said...

That's a fabulous photo AND camera (adding that to my wish list!). I'm anticipating lots and lots of great photos in the future!
I tried to plant catnip this year and managed to "drown" every single plant! Oh well, who needs a cat high on catnip anyway.. :-)

8:20 AM  

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