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11 June 2007

First Thing I Noticed

The first thing I noticed about the Inox needle was that it was so close to my Susan Bates Silverado needles.

Here they are, side by side by side.

The main difference is that the Inox has a slight bend at the metal needle tip, just before the cable. The Silverados are straight. I bought my Silverados online from Joann.com when they had a 25% off sale. I also bought Quicksilvers in US size 1, because the Silverados only go as small as US 2.

The Silverados come in two kinds of packaging. I put both in the picture, because you never know what you'll find for sale. I believe the pink packaging, which is just like the Susan Bates Silvalume line, is being phased out in favor of the black vinyl pouch. I get the impression that the Silverados are meant to be their more "upscale" line. They sure are hard to find in yarn stores around here!

My long-winded review of the three Susan Bates needle types is >here<, or in the side bar.

I love knitting because it's so blindingly fast. Or . . . it is if you've been a tatter for a dozen years. I finished knitting this in an afternoon.

This motif is going into the West Michigan Lace Group's motif exchange tonight. Same pattern as the bottom of the bag I've been knitting on, only in size 20 crochet cotton and on US size 0 needles.

In Other News

My gamer husband took our son to the Metro Detroit Gamers' Michicon 2007 Saturday, and they came back with prizes!

A copy of the Bionicle game (our son is a Lego/Bionicle nut) and a copy of, yes!, Steve Jackson's Dork Tower.

You gotta love a game that says right on the box that it comes with sparkly dice! (Chessex "Borealis" -- it even says "Ooooo! Sparkly!" on the box. Heh.) I foresee many games of Dork Tower in my future.

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Blogger Bells said...

an afternoon??? Holy moly. Good work. It's beautiful!

6:20 AM  

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