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A lot of the fiber arts I enjoy are things like tatting, netmaking, chair caning, and even weaving, where people will come up to me when I demonstrate and solemnly tell me, "That's a lost art."

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08 June 2007

School's Out for Summer

Remember how the temperature dropped to 37 degrees the other night?

It was 89 or so yesterday (32 C)!

Our son had his last day of school for the year, with awards, a picnic lunch, helium balloons and carnival games.

Blog posts will probably become more erratic as we get involved with summer science camp, summer reading, and lots of unstructured time.

Last night, since it wasn't a "school night", I persuaded my husband to come along on an impromptu beach trip. There was a stiff wind and the waves were kicking up, so we just got our feet wet.

Public Service Announcement:

Lake Michigan might be too small to have tides, but it's big enough to have rip currents. Every year there are drownings, so we don't mess around with the Big Lake. At an average depth of 279 feet, Lake Michigan is much too deep to touch bottom.

Lost Your "Ar"?

I ditched Sitemeter, but I still keep track of visitor traffic with StatCounter. StatCounter shows me a list of search terms that resulted in people finding Lost Arts studio.

This one amused me: "lost ar". Is this a pirate-y thing?



Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

I am so very jealous of you son! I still have four and a half more days before I shut down my classroom for the school year. I shudder to think what havoc the kids can wreak in that amount of time...

I'll just look at your pictures and breathe deeply...that should relax me!

8:39 PM  

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