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05 June 2007

House Wren, Night Time Bunny

This house wren has been singing his head off and chasing goldfinches away. He's perched on the very top of "Mr. Stumpy", the giant tree stump. I'm amazed how much detail I was able to get when he was so far away.

House wrens, they are feisty little ruffians!

My brother, the camera guy, and taker of the two pictures below (somewhat reduced in quality and stitched together so you won't be tempted to steal them) has been sending me camera advice.

It was from him that I learned that my camera's "shake reduction" just uses a high ISO setting to try and capture the image between hand tremors or heartbeats.

The problem with a high ISO setting is that it's like using high ISO film -- I get a non-blurry image, but it's grainy. It works better if I just zoom in, take the picture, hopefully at a fast enough shutter speed to miss out on the thump of a heartbeat, and crop it if necessary.

I'm not going to apologize for this one -- it was taken at 9:30 pm at night. It was practically dark when I noticed the bunny going in and out of the raspberry canes.

I didn't adjust the color balance or anything, and the grass even registered as green. Amazing.

I'm posting nature photos because I didn't do much knitting yesterday. I went to a township meeting and knitted the Easter-egg-dyed tussah silk scarf, but all that looks is longer.

It's a chilly, quiet day here. Maybe the blogger muse will hit me today.



Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

I'm going to have to send Mommy Sheep over to take a look at your bird pix! She is an avid bird watcher.

Thanx for the comment on my latest "near miss" driving post. I surprised even myself with my steering skill with that move! Now if I could only translate that skill to my knitting...

11:27 AM  

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