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19 May 2007

Kid Sayings

I hardly ever do "cute things my kid said" posts, but it's a slow day in the studio.

I was sitting at my computer, and the child was playing Laser Squad Nemesis on his computer. (This would be a handed-down computer that once took a lightning hit.) The game, however, is new, and was giving him problems.

I heard this: "Noogie noogie noogie noogie," and I looked over to see:

My son standing up in his chair and "noogy-ing" the computer on the top of the monitor.

* * * * * * *

My husband has a Guard drill this weekend, and since he's the platoon sergeant, he had to be there Friday. He came home in the afternoon, and rode along with me to pick up our son from school, so as to maximize the minimal time they will see each other this weekend.

On the way home, my son growls, "I'm hungry."

"Eat Dad, I'm driving," I said. [pause] "What do you think Dad tastes like?"

Instant reply: "Tastes like chicken."


"Lots of chicken."

What can I say? It is good to laugh!


Anonymous CoffeeLady said...

You absolutely SHOULD write down cute things kids say - lots of fun to read later (like at their wedding...). :-)
BTW, I've deleted your impersonator's comment (I'll try tracing the post).

4:24 PM  

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