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09 May 2007

Cameras Taking Pictures of Each Other

The LCD screen on the new camera is so big, it cast a reflection on the table when I took its picture with Mr. Snapshot.

I am very much at the RTM (Read The Manual) stage, figuring out what all the buttons do and where to find the sub-menu I want.

I've figured out how to record a 30-second message with my camera. In case anyone wants a low-quality sound file of me saying, "I can talk to my camera."

This camera has more memory than some of my past computers!

It's a Fuji FinePix S700 with 10x optical zoom. It takes AA batteries and the same SD memory card as Mr. Snapshot:
Which will now take its rightful place as a snapshot camera, leaving the heavy work of close-ups and zoom shots to the Fuji.

(Crivens! Look at the detail!)

Now if I post bad pictures I won't be able to blame the camera.


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