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08 May 2007

It's All Too Beautiful

Spring, that is.

I spent some of yesterday outdoors, shovelling the finished compost out of my cinder-block bin and hauling it over to my garden bed.

I was distracted by the rhubarb, which was suddenly big enough to pick, not to mention the lilacs in bloom.

Asparagus is popping up, columbines are racing into bloom, and the hops vines are climbing up the net as fast as they can grow!

I meant to enlarge this net, but I decided I better hang it up before the hops vines started climbing the window screens.

Before I know it, the hops will be up to the roof, and their leaves will be shading our west window from the evening sun.

They also block the dogs' view of any rabbits that come and nibble the grass right outside the window. Argh. Ajax pawed the window so hard at one bunny this spring that he broke the glass!

Luckily for him, he was not hurt (not even by me!). I replaced the pane with acrylic, which already has a couple of dog toenail scratches in it.
I did sneak a little knitting time in, though. I used up one color on the latest Pi bag, and have only a little left of each of the others. I can hardly wait to get this knitted up and thrown in the washing machine.

I have Sampler CM (the continuation of Sampler M) pattern 6 almost done, and pattern 7 corrected and printed out, ready to knit. I like to put the photo and the graph right into the Word document before I print it out, so I have them all in one place.

I am much more likely to knit a pattern if I have a photo to look at. Rows of typed-out YO's and SSK's don't say as much to me. A graph is a little better, but a picture is best of all.

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Blogger Bells said...

you're not wrong Alwen. just so beautiful. I love the wildness of your garden all springing into life!

11:17 PM  

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