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26 April 2007

It's Raining, It's Pouring

I took this photo of the sweet cherry tree in bloom at the east end of the house through the rain-streaked glass.

If I wait until the rainy weather stops, the petals will have fallen and it will be all green leaves. This gnarled-looking tree is nearly all that remains of a cherry orchard that must have been here for decades. Almost all of the other trees have died, and this one is not in great shape itself.

But every other year or so, it still throws off a crop of sweet dark cherries. That is, if we get any honey bees for pollination, and if the raccoons and birds don't eat them all up! (I should make a cherry net.)

Near the other end of the house is a sweet yellow cherry tree in even more precarious health. I've always heard that birds were supposed to leave yellow cherries alone, thinking they were still unripe.

Apparently the cedar waxwings and other fruit-eating birds of SW Michigan have not heard this piece of wisdom, because they regularly feast on almost every cherry this tree ripens.

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you've probably figured out that I'm not a weather-hater. I used to work with some people who thought only sun was good. If it rained, snowed, or even sprinkled, they were always moaning about the "terrible weather". I don't think of rain as "bad weather," since I know it is going to bring out the leaves on the trees so it will finally look like spring.

As the cliche phrase goes, there's no such thing as bad weather, there's only bad clothing. Personally, the only weather that I dislike with any intensity is really hot weather, prolonged for a really long time, when all this green dries up. Because while you can dress for rain and snow, once you're down to skin in hot weather, where do you go from there? (Into "the" lake, aka "the big lake," namely Lake Michigan, is my answer. And stay until the weather cools off.)

Fortunately for me, Michigan doesn't tend to get scorching weather. (But I say that very quietly, not wanting to tempt the capricious weather gods, who so hate to be predictable.)

Active Knitting Projects
Blue socks, naughty acrylic socks, ragg wool leg warmers that I hope to finish by next winter, Sampler CM, and Easter-egg dyed tussah silk scarf in brioche stitch.

I ought to take a picture of all my "dormant" knitting projects, all the things I haven't added a stitch to. That would be an entertaining picture. And probably a bigger pile.

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