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20 April 2007

I Can Knit Anything for Fifteen Minutes

To paraphrase FlyLady, "I can knit anything for fifteen minutes."

Having more yarn in a similar colorway inspired me to sit down and knit on the brioche scarf, at least for fifteen minutes. I alternated with fifteen minutes of cleaning up the kitchen, so my guilt alarm wouldn't go off.

That worked so well, I put in fifteen minutes on the ribbing of the blue socks. For some reason, I have really developed an antipathy to that ribbing, but I could stand fifteen minutes. That worked out to two rows on each sock.

Then I put in fifteen minutes of knitting the toes of the forbidden acrylic baby-yarn socks, and finally, fifteen minutes of finishing pattern 4 of Sampler CM. Now I can go on to pattern 5.

In the evening, I took our son to the community center, where they were showing Eragon. I took the brioche scarf and knitted to the end of the first ball, and was glad I had my knitting, otherwise I couldn't have bitten my tongue for so long. The child, luckily, sat next to one of his classmates from school, and I'm not sure he saw more than a third of the movie.

Although he loves that kind of book, I don't think he's read Eragon, the book, yet. Good thing, too, otherwise he and I would have been dissecting the movie together.



Blogger Beth said...

Oh, I had heard Eragon was bad so I haven't seen it yet. Pretty big departure from the book, eh? I'm sorry to hear that. I just completed Eldest so I had high hopes for the movie.

3:31 PM  

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