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18 April 2007

I've Deleted Sitemeter

If you missed the flurry over Sitemeter's tracking cookie deal, you can Google "Sitemeter specificclick" to find out what gives. I haven't read every blog post on the subject, but "Hey, You, Get Out Of My Head" struck a sympathetic nerve. (It probably wouldn't surprise you to learn that Monty Python's John Cleese rants are some of my favorite form of humor.)

Knitting News

The knitting news is that having committed to doing a colorwork double knitting knitalong starting next week on the Yahoo double-knitting group, my knitting brain has apparently gone off to Aruba.

The weather hasn't been so nice that I can blame it on spring fever, although I did spot a dandelion in bloom, which is at least as reliable an indicator of spring as the trilliums or cut-leaved toothwort.

It looks like the moisture will rotate over us during the day, and maybe we'll get some rain. (If you go to this satellite link and click "Loop" near the top left of the picture, you can watch it rotate. I love satellite data.)

I could blame my lack of knitting inspiration on the moon phase, I suppose, or how about the lack of sunspots? (If this is an old post, click on "Old Picks", "2007", then "April 13". ) This image, blankSun.jpg, is from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory at NASA.

Another moon site I love is the US Naval Observatory's "Apparent Disk of Moon", at this moment a crescent so slender it barely shows.


Blogger rchmura said...

In changing site counters, I've found that GoStats is a solid alternative, not to mention having a long history retention log size.

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