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27 April 2007

No, They're Not, Either!

No, I don't care if it was your mom who told you, or what news site you read it on, Japanese people are not buying lambs thinking they are buying poodles. Yes, even a Japanese movie star does know what a sheep looks like, and can tell a sheep from a dog.


And here you were, thinking the Japanese were gullible. How about all those gullible news websites that reported this as true?

All of these projects were dormant yesterday: the double-knitted scarf (ha! another project that should get finished in time for next winter!), a little sample of cotton string knitted in the same "K1, P1, slip one with yarn in back, slip one with yarn in front" pattern as the scarf, the Valdani bag on its Dritz doll needles, my little miser's purse, and the scrap-Pi bag.

When I went looking for dormant projects, the scrap-Pi bag just leaped into my hands, squeaking "Me, me, knit me!"

It's just plain old knitting in the round, knitting and knitting and knitting, great for listening to music and not having to concentrate much. I'm using up wool thrums from a weaving project I did when I was, ah, 16 or 17. I knitted a sample and tried felting it, and that's the plan for this bag.

The thrums are the short pieces at the back of my loom that are left after I cut the woven cloth off. They are short both for weaving and knitting, but a couple of good hot washes and cold rinses, and the whole thing should shrink up and felt and hide those 900 ends.

I knitted a Pi circle for the bottom, but since I mean this to be a bag, I used backwards loops instead of yarnovers for the "knit one, YO" rows.

The miser's purse and the Valdani bag are almost as long as I want them. Now that I've touched them, I'm feeling like I must. Knit. Very. Tiny. Things.

As soon as the Pi bag lets go of me.

PS: Do you like bobbin lace? Me, too! Check out Tatt3r's progress. And look at the gorgeous yarn she won! ooo, I like that color.

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Blogger Beth said...

Mistaking lambs for poodles? That's hilarious! I hadn't heard that one yet.

You must be getting to the bottom of your stash, is it time to buy more yarn yet?

Also, how did your smoke ring turn out, I don't remember whether you posted the finished product or not.

11:50 AM  

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