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07 June 2007

I'd Forget My Head

. . . if it wasn't attached at the neck. (Gingerly feels neck, to make sure it really is.)

Honestly, I was searching for a blog topic yesterday, and felt relieved to find my pictures. I totally blanked on the fact that yesterday was the last Lakeshore Fiber Arts guild meeting of the year!

Our meeting year runs from September to June, with the summer off. Our last meeting was an auction, so I brought a couple of cones of yarn/thread I'd probably never use.

I meant to bring an embroidery frame I had acquired to the auction, and although I left it right by the door -- with my spending money! -- I forgot that, too!

Our rule was "If you bring things, you have to buy things." Fortunately I had a few dollars in my wallet besides the money I meant to bring, because I spent them all.

I mostly bought yarn, a whole slew of leftover balls of sock yarn.

Plain foot, fancy cuff? Plain heel and toe, fancy foot and cuff? Or maybe just a pair of jumble socks?

But I also bought a sweater-in-progress with the pattern (a copy of Dalebarn No. 35) and yes! that is an Inox 24-inch US size 6 circular knitting needle. I won't even admit how little I spent on these things.

And you can't see the chocolate-dipped strawberries I bought.

Because I ate them.



Blogger Marguerite said...

Yum. Eating is what chocolate strawberries are made for. Of course you ate them. Yum.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Bells said...

i'd be asking what was wrong with you if you were photographing the strawberries and not eating them!

6:52 PM  
Anonymous CoffeeLady said...

That's it! I'm moving so I can be closer to your guild! Yarn, patterns, supplies AND chocolate-covered strawberries for sale?! This guild has it going on!

7:42 PM  

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