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20 June 2007

Jostling for the Computer

Now that it's summer, my son has rediscovered the joy of computer games. On my computer. He has his own computer (I know, I know), but it's a hand-me-down put together from parts of my husband's and my old computers, including the CPU that was struck by lightning.

(We jokingly call it the Franken-Computer and say it should have two bolts sticking out of the sides of the case. Along with the burn-mark where the lightning arced between the CPU case and the metal desk-side.)

Anyway, the Franken-Computer doesn't have the speed or memory to handle his most favorite-est games. Also, since being zapped, every so randomly it Just. Shuts. Off. Inevitably in the middle of a game. So my computer, faster and sleeker and less twitchy, is the preferred computer. I'm finding it really hard to put a blog post together while being asked, "Is it five minutes yet?" every thirty seconds.

So, let's see.

I was asked, "Are you going to Pennsic?" (Pennsic War is one of the major SCA events in the yearly calendar.)

Nope, not this year and probably never. I love to camp, and I love many aspects of the SCA, but to me camping means nature, quiet, and privacy, not the presence of thousands of other people in period garb.

I do love other people's Pennsic stories and photos. I'm just too much of an introvert to want to spend two weeks camping in marginal conditions in what feels to me like a crowd.

Garden News

I finally replanted the four-o'clock roots yesterday. It was around 90 degrees most of last week, so I just couldn't raise any enthusiasm for gardening. I hope to finally plant my tomato seedlings today!

Knitting News

Not much knitting going on in the summer heat, either. We had a dog-saster Monday evening when we went out to buy strawberries to can -- Ajax the neurotic "You're leaving me forever, so I better feed myself" dog took the plastic bag containing the dragon skin bag off the table and chewed the plastic bag open!

He's alive.

The knitted bag itself had one tooth hole and broken thread. It is sitting, stabilized with knitting needles through the stitches above and below it, while I recover my temper enough to repair it.

When I think about how that soup can looked, I guess one little broken strand of size 30 crochet thread is not so bad. But until I pin it out and make the repair, I can't make any progress knitting on it!

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Anonymous Coffeelady said...

(GASP!) The dog did WHAT?!! Ouch!

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Eva said...

Do you have a pattern for the Dragon Skin Bag ?

2:03 PM  

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