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A lot of the fiber arts I enjoy are things like tatting, netmaking, chair caning, and even weaving, where people will come up to me when I demonstrate and solemnly tell me, "That's a lost art."

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04 November 2005

Found the camera, now where is the cable?

I found the digital camera. Er, it was sitting right in plain sight on the old Panasonic dot matrix printer. Don't you hate it when something you have been looking for turns out to be right there?

But now I am hunting for the I/O cable to connect it to the computer, so I can upload some pictures of the things I've been knitting.

I have mostly been knitting all summer, although knitting is not one of the arts people usually say is "lost". I made a couple of pairs of socks, and I took a great online lace-knitting workshop. Free, even! So I have some lace-knitted bookmarks (I could scan those), the socks I entered into the county fair (yes, Virginia, there are still county fairs, and people do still enter their preserves in them), and a lace-knitted scarf or two.

Most of the tatting I have done this year was give-aways: the bookmark for IOLI (oh, sorry: International Old Lacers, Inc.), a book mark and a motif for my lace group's exchanges. I made up a doily pattern as I went when we demo-ed at the Michigan Fiber Festival but I'm not happy enough with the last round to write the pattern down.

I consider myself a new knitter, but I've been a fiber geek since I was little. As soon as I started to relearn to knit about two years ago, I designed myself a double rake knitting frame. Then some round frames. Then, oh, what the heck, a set of round double rakes, concentric circles, so I could knit both in the round AND double. I started a Yahoo group for frame knitters, which now has over 800 members.

I learned to knit a tube on two straight needles, a la Beverly Royce's "Notes on Double Knitting". I really like doing socks that way! I have a pair of toe-up socks on two straights right now.

Then I learned to knit lace on a frame, wow! So when my friend said, "Why don't you try this Shetland Lace Workshop online with me?" I was game. Now I can knit lace on needles, too. And what have I done? I just bought 9 pairs of bamboo knitting needles on eBay. They were so reasonable -- I hope they are as nice as the Clover bamboo set I have.

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