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A lot of the fiber arts I enjoy are things like tatting, netmaking, chair caning, and even weaving, where people will come up to me when I demonstrate and solemnly tell me, "That's a lost art."

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31 May 2006

Me with Nothing to Say?

I know, sounds unlikely, doesn't it? But since you did bother to visit the blog, here's a pic. for you:

I'm putting in a row of eyelets at the edge, and then it will be into the washer for agitation, alkalinity, and hot and cold baths.

If it comes out the size of a soda can, you will see that here!


Blogger Beth said...

I have something I keep forgetting to tell you! There's an antique rocker in Mom's storage unit that needs to be recaned, she wants me to give it to you if you want it. I think it's been painted so you may want to refinish it as well, or we can have my hubbin give it one of his wonderfully whimsical paint jobs. Either way, it's yours if you want it. Hugs!

4:58 PM  

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