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31 July 2007

It's Not Just Interesting!

It's WONDERFUL. (Three posts in one day -- it must be exciting, eh?)

Being a skeptic and a stickler for clarification, I replied to the Brooklyn Museum's email.

Thank you for your reply.

But I am a bit confused. You say "catalog." I am looking for a reprint of the lace knitting pattern book, authored by Susanna E. Lewis, based on a knitted lace sampler held by the museum, rather than a catalog of the exhibit.

Can you confirm that this is the publication?

Susanna E. Lewis, "Knitting Lace", copyright the Brooklyn Museum
ISBN 0942391527 (ISBN-13: 9780942391527)

Thank you.

And this afternoon I received a reply:


When the Museum publishes a book we often call it a catalog. We are talking about the same title.

Thank you for your interest.

Did you hear me yell "Yee haaaaaa!" on your side of the world?

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Blogger Bells said...

That's fantastic. Excellent result!

6:28 PM  

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