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31 July 2007

Well, This is . . . Interesting

Email reply regarding Knitting Lace from brooklynmuseum.org:

Fans of Knitting Lace Publication:

We appreciate your interest in the future republication of our catalog Knitting Lace. We are now working on the necessary steps to be taken to grant permission for a reprint of the catalog.

We will keep you informed as we move forward.

Thank you for expressing your interest.

Confusing. I understand that the knitting sampler in the book was in an exhibition at the museum. Are they talking about reprinting the catalog to that exhibition, rather than Knitting Lace itself?

I've emailed for clarification, including the ISBN number. If you contact the museum, let them know it's the book Knitting Lace, ISBN 0942391527, we're interested in.

Stay tuned!

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