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20 March 2006

The Sap is Still Running

But the kettle is burned! We got most of the char off the enamel. But it looks like the center got burned enough to crack the enamel coating. We'll be looking for a new kettle, and meanwhile freeze-concentrating the sap and reducing it in a smaller (watched!) pot on the woodstove, a gallon or so at a time.

In knitting news, I've been graphing the pattern to the dishcloth my husband rescued from the armory.

Graphing this pattern was very interesting. Not so much for the pattern itself, but because I realized that I could knit from weaving drawdowns. (If you take the threading and the treadling for a weaving pattern, the drawdown is a graph of what the finished cloth will look like.)

I have Marguerite Porter Davison's A Handweaver's Pattern Book, and just flipping through it, I'm getting all kinds of ideas: I could knit an overshot pattern. How about crackle weave? What would "Wandering Vine" look like as a pattern of knits and purls?

Over the years, I have graphed many of the patterns in her book, and the graphs are all tucked into the page by the threading. They are on square graph paper, not knitting graph paper, but still . . .

I love this feeling that my head is overflowing with ideas!

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