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17 April 2006

Not My Normal Monday

My normal Monday usually consists of getting our son off to school, my husband having left an hour before for work, sorting and catching up with laundry, reading my email, doing something "fiber-y", and posting to my blog.

Today my husband stayed home. His Honda Civic, which took us the hour's drive up to his aunt's for Easter breakfast, across town to my parents' for Easter dinner, and then another hour home again, started overheating when he tried to drive it to work early this morning. He couldn't nurse it up to the Honda dealership for repairs, and had to have it towed, or whatever they call it when the car rides on one of those flatbed trailers.

It turned out to have a stick! in the radiator.

Since he didn't drive the car up there, this left him at home, at somewhat of a loose end, mourning the radiator and the brand-new pinch in his bank account. He has already been urging me to get another job now that our son is in school all day. (And I have to admit I miss having my own money after working until I was downsized the day after 9/11.)

So I ended up with a stick in my Monday, being reminded that it would be a really, really good idea if I got a job, in a state that has lost something like 30,000 jobs this year alone.

I didn't get to knit a stitch. I went outside and pulled out the over-enthusiastic myrtle, also known as periwinkle or Vinca minor, which was overrunning my white scented violets.

I saw that the hops vines are coming up, and remembered that I need to repair and hang the hops net. Quickly, before they get any taller and start climbing over the cars. (There's a lost art for you, at least in Michigan: mending nets.)

And I need to plant my sprouted tomato seeds before they outgrow their little sprouting dish!



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