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13 June 2006

Bits and Pieces of Bits and Pieces

Brown Thrasher News: Three hatchlings in there for sure, mom and dad erupting from the top of the rosebush like phoenixes (phoenixi?) to go find more more more food for them.

A wild turkey walked right up to our chain link fence this afternoon. It was almost as tall as the four-foot fencing. Truffles about went bananas!

Weird News: We came home from science camp to find the back-of-the-washer mousetrap on the floor in the front room. In pieces. I said to my son, "Do you think this trap caught a mouse?"

"Yes," he said.

"Where do you think the mouse is?" I asked.

"Inside the dog?" he guessed matter-of-factly.


I've been to two yarn stores in two days. Yesterday I went to Lizzie Ann's Wool Co. on 8th Street, in Holland, Michigan, and I resisted. Today I went to the Sewing Center, also on 8th Street (too many other errands to go yesterday), and oh, NO! Oh, yes! Finally, a store that sells the Plymouth Encore Colorspun that I knitted my favorite socks out of!

So, I, ah, bought a ball of purple. Does it count as going off my stash diet if I immediately started knitting a pair of socks with it?

And underneath there, my other breakage of my stash diet: yet another dishcloth, started with odds and ends of crochet cotton I bought at an estate sale Saturday. For $2.10, I brought home more pearl cotton, nice to make fingerloop braids out of, several balls of size 30 six-cord tatting thread in colors, and of course the crochet cotton. Most of it was in good shape, but I did throw out a little twist of green that shredded as I tried to knit it. Which I didn't notice until I had knitted two or three rows.

Last night I went to my West Michigan Lace Group meeting with the lacemaking items I picked up from a SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) friend. His wife passed on this spring, and he wanted her bobbin lace things to go on being used and enjoyed. I don't "do" bobbin lace myself, but several of the group members do, and I was pretty sure they would find homes. He and I also talked about the group keeping some bobbins and so on, to make a kit for members who might want to try bobbin lace.

As you might guess, bobbin lace equipment is not something you dash into Wal-Mart and toss into your cart. So this was a windfall for our bobbin lacemakers, and I know they really appreciate it.

And if something unthinkable should happen, my husband better do the same (offer it to people who will really use it) with my room full of fiber stuff! I'd have to come back from beyond to straighten him out if it ended up in the dumpster.

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