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28 June 2006

More Lilies and Socks

Apologies, we've been having summer fun and struggling with the wireless network. I finally got tired of trying to make the computer admit there was a wireless antenna connected to it, and plugged the phone line back in.

This brilliant orange beauty with the cedar tree in the background is "Viva".

"Tiger Babies", with our shingled geodesic dome in the background, is one of the most reliable, indestructible lilies I have ever grown. It doubles slowly, so it doesn't crowd itself out like some of the real cheapie lilies. It has a mild scent that I can tolerate indoors. It doesn't change color drastically in the heat, and the petals have a nice thick substance. This was one of my favorite lilies to draw back when I was doing a lot of drawing from life.

And then, how about a sock?

This is one of the pair of toe-up purple socks I started knitting from my "It's not breaking my stash diet if it doesn't go into my stash" purchase of Plymouth Encore yarn. Yes, it's worsted weight. What can I say, I like thick socks.

I am knitting them both at once, but I am not brave enough to try to take pictures of both feet wearing socks with the needles still in them!

Nature News

I saw one of the brown thrasher parents feeding a baby right outside my bedroom window yesterday morning. I could tell it was the baby before the parent came to feed it, because the tail feathers were still pretty short.

Monday I went for a walk and found a wild turkey feather in the path. Then within minutes, I saw the turkey hen and at least five half-grown chicks! And I found a second turkey feather. Still on that same walk, I found a third feather, from some kind of hawk, I think.

I got my strawberries canned yesterday. Black raspberries are starting to ripen. We don't usually "do" anything with the raspberries except eat and eat and eat them. Purple tongue and black teeth!


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Beautiful lily!

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