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21 June 2006

Wee Little Plants

I watered the garden heavily yesterday, because I have learned that if morning glory seeds sprout, and then dry up, hey! They die! So today I have clusters of little sproutlings all around the poles of my morning glory tent.

I have a great camera, a film camera, complete with a set of close-up lenses. I even have a microscope mount (oh, yeah, and a microscope) for it.

Then I have my digital, which is an annoyingly cheap camera that doesn't do close-ups. I went reading through the manual to find out how to do close-ups, and it says "Minimum focus distance is two and a half feet"! Two and a half feet, that's practically across the room!

I used to have a great digital, but unfortunately it wasn't mine. I worked for a company, and it was the company's camera. When they lost the contract I was working on, I had to send the camera back, boo hoo. And the neat timer watch, and a couple of other things I don't miss.

I missed the watch so much that I bought one. But the camera was pricier, so I have Mr. Snapshot here.

I love tiny little seedlings. They are so magic. First you have this seed, which looks like nothing alive. It looks, maybe, like a little bit of gravel. Maybe a scattering of brownish dust. But get them wet, and voila! There is life.

Morning glory seedlings are so cute.


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