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02 July 2006

Oh Please Rain Already!

We finished up the month of June two inches behind our normal rainfall amount. This means lots of moving garden hose around and sprinkling the garden. Yesterday I thought I would finally get a break from that. It was windy and restless and HOT (89 degrees F), and the weather forecast had severe thundershowers in it.

Alas, the showers didn't materialize. All we got were a few drops that made spots in the dust on my van's windshield. And this morning, when I walked down the driveway to get the Sunday paper, it sprinkled on me.

I meant to start knitting the "M" sampler (yet another Yahoo group, "KnitalongSamplerM") yesterday, but I had that waiting feeling. Waiting for it to rain or storm or do whatever.

I've lived by Lake Michigan for about 15 years, and most of the time I am used to the lake breeze. But sometimes we get restless, back and forth winds like yesterday, and they just drive me crazy!

I didn't knit a stitch. I tried to read. It was mostly too hot to work outside. I didn't even take a walk. It was just too hot.

Usually the temperature falls after dark. Last night it got down to 78 F (about 26 C) at 2 am in the morning! The clouds have kept it cooler so far today, and I am really hoping we get some steady rain. And I hope the wind calms down so I can knit!


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