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03 August 2007

Stupid Spammers!

Grrrr! I hate spammers!

Not only do I get plenty of spam in my regular email, I also run and moderate several Yahoo groups. Lately they've been getting spam, too.

Even though I have to approve new members.

Even though I have to approve the posts of new members.

Even though I clearly state in my group descriptions that I will come after spammers with the thinnest steel lace-knitting needles in my possession and I'll --

Okay, well, no, the description actually says I have a zero tolerance spam policy and I will report spam to Yahoo for "Violation of TOS" (Terms of Service).

This works best if the spammer has a Yahoo ID. I report them to Yahoo Mail Abuse for sending the mail via Yahoo, and I turn them in for Yahoo Groups Abuse.

There are few things as satisfying in the virtual world as getting that email from Yahoo that says "We have taken action in accordance with our Terms of Service Policy," . . . and then to click on the spammer's ex-Yahoo ID and get a "Not Found" error message.

Awww, poor baby! Diddums widdo Yahoo ID go bye-bye?

That's what you get for trying to spam a group that says "Want to spam the group? The moderator has a zero tolerance spam policy, and will file a "Violation of TOS" report as fast as she can type."



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