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25 October 2007

I Was So Tempted

Somewhere in Sheila McGregor's Traditional Scandinavian Knitting book, she mentions mittens, I think Norwegian, that are knitted with two thumbs, so you can put either mitten on either hand and just push the extra thumb inside the mitten.

I was seriously tempted to lay in yarn for two thumbs on these mittens -- then I could have worn them both green side out, both white side out, or one white and one green.

But in the end it was enough of a complication just to make sure I laid the scrap yarn in without a jog line.

The thumbs are partway between a palm thumb and a side seam or "sore" thumb, and will also be knitted double. I just loved the Latvian mittens where I could just barely see the patterned thumb against the patterned mitten, so I will probably try to knit patterned thumbs.

We finally got "mitten weather" overnight. The temperature dropped to freezing, and I scraped frost off my windshield before driving the child to school.

It looks like the rest of today is going to be some of "October's bright blue weather."

Me, besides knitting, I have to work on a Halloween costume-cape for the child. (His regular SCA one apparently feels too much like "regular clothes" to him.)

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Blogger amy said...

I made my capes on Saturday! The fusible webbing worked great, and I sewed on ribbons for ties last night. I'm going to post pics after they wear them all together. (Lucky for me I had blogland help!)

10:49 AM  
Blogger dawn said...

I love your mittens! when I'm done with the 2-socks-in-one-another thing, I'm going to try something like that. After all, I bought another 10 hanks of fingering heathered yarn at the last sheep and wool festival so I'd have enough colors to do any kind of fairisle that strikes my fancy!

12:11 PM  
Blogger Lucia said...

Those mittens are stunning. I'm working on a flat double-knit piece now, and next I will have to try it in the round.

Are the palm thumbs hard to do? A friend of mine had quite a time with them (with the way the pattern was written, really) until she got the hang of it.

8:23 PM  
Blogger Bells said...

Is it weird that I'm looking forward to your winter and seeing all the snow and pretty photos? I know you're probably not looking forward to it, but I can't wait!

Your mittens are looking so great. I'm filled with admiration. Looking forward to the patterned thumb!

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Wendy said...

I nmever could convince my kids to wear SCA clothing as a Halloween costume, but I loved making costumes for them. I still have the lop eared bunny costume I made for my son when he was 5. It uses a very natural looking deep pile fake fur.
This only my husband wanted a costume. His work group is doing Star Trek. So I had to come up with a "Scotty" shirt from the original series. The pattern companies no longer have Star Trek costumes out, like they did the year my daughter was Tasha Yar but fortunately the original series used a simple V neck raglan shirt.
What are you making?
Love the mittens, I need to start some too. We haven't got frost yet but the forecast looks like maybe early next week.

8:15 AM  

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