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21 October 2007

Outa Books

Which is to say, I've read my way through the stack I bought last weekend, and am starting to sit up and look around at the world again.

I knitted a couple of rows on a pair of socks this week, but it was literally a row on each sock.

I tried printing out Jane Gaugain's 1847 The Lady's Assistant for Executing Useful and Fancy Designs in Knitting, Netting, and Crochet Work, only to discover the file was missing big chunks (like pages 80-250+).

Our son had Friday off from school following parent-teacher conferences, and my husband took a half-day Friday preceding his National Guard drill this weekend. So I had one or both of them home all day.

Yesterday (Saturday) I had to make the drive up to Grand Rapids to buy Truffles' dog chow. (She can't eat Ajax's, because it gives her hot spots. He can't eat her food, because it gives him diarrhea.)

And then I had to turn around and race home in time to take the child to the Pumpkin Patch event down the road -- the kids got to run around in a corn maze and pick out a numbered pumpkin, and after all the numbered ones were picked, the numbers were drawn for Halloween-y prizes.

So we came home with a respectable-sized pumpkin and a black Halloween cup of candy, spider ring, little plastic pumpkin, and other gew-gaws.

The weather was beautiful, in the 60's F., sunny and breezy.

And when I finally got the mail, my copy of Rutt's History of Hand-Knitting was in the box. Thank goodness for reprints -- they have made the price on the original, with the color plates, come down to a reasonable level.

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Blogger TinkingBell said...

What a full full day !!! See hnow busy mothers are!? Sounds like fun though!

8:55 PM  

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