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A lot of the fiber arts I enjoy are things like tatting, netmaking, chair caning, and even weaving, where people will come up to me when I demonstrate and solemnly tell me, "That's a lost art."

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06 July 2009

Back to Mostly-Normal

We have most of the big limbs that were hung up in the tree by the house cut loose, down on the ground, and either cut up or waiting to be.

But we have a suddenly-unreliable wireless internet connection. If I don't post, I'll be blaming it on that!

I've joined a work-in-progress group on Ravelry and have finished Christel. Whether or not I'll be able to post anything . . . well, that depends on the flaky internet.


Blogger Donna Lee said...

We had faulty internet for a while. Something with the wiring. Can you use all the downed trees for firewood? Or woodworking?

10:43 AM  
Blogger @eloh said...

Waiting to see it, hope your connection holds out.

7:55 PM  

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