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17 November 2005

Miser's Purse project

Here is the miser's purse I have been knitting. The pattern is "out of my own head," as I was not able to find a pattern for a knitted miser's purse. I'm knitting it flat on two needles -- literally "needles". These are tatting needles I bought from Havel's sewing. I bought two of their sets of six, figuring I could use them in pairs for knitting after I sanded the points off.

For scale, the tatting needles are 4-7/8ths inches long.

I am knitting it inside out as a flattened tube, so I purl and slip, purl and slip, all the way across. Since I knit basically Continental, I don't find this troublesome. And it is easier for me than "yarn forward, knit, yarn back, slip" that would form a right side out tube.

It is now long enough to turn it right side out through the slit and have a good look at it. The cotton wants to bias, but overall I am pleased with it. I am still looking for closing rings for it. I was hoping sterling toe rings would be small enough to work, but so far the ones I've seen are adjustable / slit, and I would rather use a solid ring.



Blogger Julie said...

You're insane. I like that in a person, but still, you're insane. What, you couldn't use something BIG to knit that with, like 0000's??

4:06 PM  

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