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21 March 2006

Spring has Sprung

I've been seeing a lot of the more subtle signs of spring lately. This weekend I saw one of the less-lovely ones: the turkey vultures are back, on the same date as last year, circling in the weak spring thermals. Yesterday I found an Iris reticulata in bloom. The sap is running well, so we will still have maple syrup despite the unfortunate burning of the kettle!

I went to a vernal equinox drumming last night at the studio of a local artist, and had a blast. It was too cold to hold it outdoors, spring or no spring. We had several new people, or people we hadn't seen for a while, one with a djembe and the other with an enormous dumbec. What a great sound. I love the deep-toned drums, and one day I'll have one of those Remo buffalo drums, a 22" for preference! At that size, it sounds like Godzilla walking when you strike it.

You never know what's going to happen to the sound when people are drumming. Sometimes it wanders around chaotically for a while. Other times people pick right up on the beat, and it sounds amazingly like something rehearsed. Last night we had some of both. Overall, a great session, and what a great way to welcome spring!

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