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23 April 2006

I Live in the Most Beautiful Place in the World

Sometimes I read self-help books that try to get you to imagine you could live anywhere you liked. I can skip those exercises: I already live where I most love to live!

Here is some of the scenery that is tempting me out of the house and away from my tatting shuttles and knitting needles.

The band of light pink is peach trees coming into bloom. The darker pink in front of them is tart cherry tree buds. The blossoms have not opened yet. The color is from the outsides of the unopened blossoms. I wish my camera took better pictures when it was overcast! ( Or at any other time!)

These narcissus are blooming under the sweet cherry tree outside my window. I dug them up back when we moved here from Grand Rapids, fifteen years ago. Hard to believe we've lived here that long. The narcissus have bloomed faithfully every year.

This is the second round of purple violets. These have no scent, but are a beautiful red-violet color.

I won't take a picture of the myrtle (periwinkle, vinca vine) I've been thinning out. I go out with bare hands so I can work my finger under the runners. I pulled out so much myrtle Thursday and Friday that my index finger was sore right where I hold my tatting thread. I only pulled out a little yesterday. I'm getting a callus and a stained spot right where I need to feel the thread -- that will never do!

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