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04 July 2006

"A" is for Alwen

I am a member (or moderator) of 38 Yahoo groups. Seriously, I just checked. My latest addition is "Knitalong 'Sampler M'", a Dutch-English group that is knitting a copy of a sampler with an "M" at the top.

My letter is supposed to be an "A".

I have always wanted to try the "picot point" edging, where you knit a couple of rows, do a row of "K2tog, YO", knit the same number of rows, and then pick up your cast-on, folding the knitting at the YO row so it makes a line of points at the edge. And now I have, and I'm pleased with that, at least. I used an invisible cast-on, and picked it up on a 4-0 needle. When I folded the knitting, I picked up a stitch from the cast-on and one from the regular needle. It's such a nice-feeling edge, no curling up after it's done.

I'm using a ball of unlabelled "knitting cotton", around size 10 or maybe "Knit-Cro-Sheen" weight, and the gold US size 0 needles from the Susan Bates sock set. ($9.99 at Jo-Ann Fabrics, minus a 40% off coupon, is a great deal for 5 each of size 000,00,0 and 1!)

While I am waiting for the next section of the sampler, I counted up 6 other knitting projects I can work on or finish. Guess I have plenty to do!


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