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21 August 2006

The Morning After

I know a lot of people suffer from "morning after letdown" following a big event like Christmas or the fiber festival. I feel lucky that I found a way out of that feeling.

When my son was big enough to start asking if there were any more presents, we started telling him that now it was time to enjoy the new things he had just opened. It didn't take many repetitions of variations on this theme for me to realize that I could enjoy my new things, too!

So today I've been enjoying the sock yarn I bought yesterday. I did a magic cast-on and started two sock toes. My husband has made off with the camera, or I would share a picture. You'll have to look at yesterday's photo of the ball of yarn and try to imagine it as about an inch or so of sock toes.

I also caught up on laundry and on scooping the fenced dog yard. It's a big fenced area, but "Eternal vigilance (in scooping) is the price of liberty (from stepping in anything)," I always say.

I am knitting despite three tiny injuries of the "boo boo" variety to my left index finger. First, at some point I got a tiny sliver in it, between the nail and the first knuckle, and it started to swell. I took the sliver out last night, but it is still sore right where the skin tightens when I hold yarn.

Second, I was doing crunchy granola duty and pulling the recycleable metal off a cardboard can, and I used my hand instead of the kitchen pliers. The metal part was sharp! And I ended up with a cut on the middle joint of the same finger. The bandage is smooth and messes up my yarn tension.

Third, I took the dogs out for a walk, and as I was letting all three of us (Truffles, Ajax, and myself) through the gate, Ajax scented the rabbit that has been teasing him from the other side of the chain link fence and lunged forward. My hand got dragged along the top rail of the fence and hit one of the twisted wires that holds the fencing to the rail. Ow. That left a dig in the third joint of my finger.

There are no more joints left, so I'm hoping my finger can just heal now!

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Blogger Beth said...

Hilariously (and ironically) I just stumbled across this site of radical knitter types http://www.theanticraft.com/index.htm and guess what their current edition is about, knitting injuries! Enjoy!

3:04 PM  

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