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08 August 2006

A Quiet Week in Southwest Outer Nowhere

(Yes, I do listen to "A Prairie Home Companion".)

Can you tell it's a quiet week, when the biggest thing on my blog is a horsefly?

I can give you a list of the things I haven't done:

-I still haven't finished casting off the second purple sock! It's about half cast off. Probably about twenty minutes' work, but I haven't done it.

-I haven't started pattern 6 of the Sampler M Knit Along.

-I haven't even knitted on the string "thingie".

Instead I've been digging old science fiction out of the bookcase, mostly Frederik Pohl. Quite a few years ago we went to an estate sale, and on the enclosed back porch found a treasure trove of science fiction paperbacks and old science fiction magazines from the 1950's through late 1970's.

After agonizing over which ones we wanted, we ended up making the seller an offer, which she accepted. Then we ended up stuffing the Honda Civic hatchback we had to the gills with books.

Over the years, we read the magazines and slowly sold some of them off on eBay. This funded the purchase of a pair of seven-foot-tall bookcases to house the paperbacks.

So when my brain wants a break from whatever I have been marinating it in, it has quite the library to choose from.

It's interesting to read the older books. In one of them, I continually stumbled over the fact that the author used the word "calculator" for what we would call a "computer". In another, I was struck by how similar the "joymaker" each person carried was to a cell phone with internet capability.

And speaking of books, I am reminded that I have to return one to the library today. Wish me luck, and maybe the knitting muse will fly back in my window tonight!

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