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03 August 2006

Michigan Fiber Festival

I can't believe it is August already! But if it's August, that means fiber festival!

The Michigan Fiber Festival is held in August every year at the Allegan County fairgrounds in (surprise!) Allegan, Michigan, USA. If you are a spinner in search of fleece, a weaver in search of yarn or a loom, or a knitter with birthday cash to spend on fancy knitting needles, this is your event.

For me the center of the fiber festival is demonstrating. For at least seven years now (or has it been eight?), the West Michigan Lace Group has had a demonstration table there. Up until last year we were in the open pavilion. Last year we were inside one of the buildings. It was a bit hotter in there, but it was also nice to be sheltered from the wind and not have to hold the things on our table down with rocks!

I always like to watch the herding dog demonstrations, stroke the angora bunnies, and admire the haughty-looking llamas. There are barns full of fiber sheep and goats, cute little alpacas, and cages of rabbits.

And vendors -- *sigh*! There are vendors of about every fiber-related thing you can think of, and probably some I still haven't even heard of. Yarn, of course. Books. Weaving accessories from looms to shuttles to reeds. Spinning wheels of every kind. Fleeces, roving, top and bottom-whorl spindles. Silk caps. Dyes. Handmade soap, jewelry, buttons, beads. Beautiful hardwood lucets. Naalbinding needles. Tatting shuttles in everything from plastic to metal to wood. Tatting thread. (I can't look!)

All during the day there are free demonstrations. We almost always have someone tatting at our table, and sometimes bring a brave bobbin lacemaker to this often hot / muggy / dusty event. There are sheep and goat-shearing demonstrations, presentations on rabbit and llama care, and carding demonstrations. Many of the vendors demonstrate their products, so you can see "X" spinning wheel or loom in action.

All in all, tons of fun, and something I look forward to every year!

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Thanks for the comment on my blog about camping. I've decided to try it out. Looking forward to it!

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