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26 July 2006

Here is the "Sampler M" photo I tried to post yesterday. I ended up catching up on other things, and didn't get a significant amount of knitting done.

Last night I had my usual argument with myself about going to the new moon drum circle.

Mainly it went,

"It's hot. It's humid. My rawhide drum head is going to be all limp in the muggy air. Maybe I'll just stay home."

I argued back, "But I think 'Maybe I'll just stay home' every time, and when I go, I have a blast, and I'm so happy I went."

Then my husband said, "No one is coming over to play cards tonight," and when I said, "So it's okay if I go up to the drum circle?" he said, "Sure."

So my drum and I zipped out the door and went up to the drum circle, and sure enough, I had a great time and was happy I went!

The moral of that is, always do the things you know will make you happy, even if you think you don't want to. (Or something.)

This is the last of my lilies. I really shouldn't grow the old-fashioned tiger lily on the left, as it is the Typhoid Mary of lilies, capable of harboring viruses that can be passed to my other lilies. I try to grow them a good distance apart, but I'm aware that flying, plant-juice-sucking insects could still get from one to the other. But they are so tough and reliable, and the hummingbird loves them.

And here is "White Henryi" at the height of bloom -- isn't it pretty!

Now I really must go buy some milk for lunch time.


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