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17 July 2006

After the Wedding

After the wedding, I looked around my house and thought, "Boy, I need to clean this place up!"

Okay, not really. Really my mom threatened promised to come down for my son's birthday later this week.

So I spent a while guiltily knitting a "thingie" -- not exactly a swatch, I don't know what it wants to be, but I like knitting it. I'm using US size 2 needles and just some grubby cotton string I got at an estate sale. It feels so nice. I wonder where I can get more of this string, in a non-grubby state?

Then I started re-reading "Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity," by David Allen. He says write down the project that is bugging you most right now. That one was easy, the accumulated dog hair and toy-splosion on the floor.

Next he says to describe in one sentence my intended successful outcome for this project. O-kay, that would be to have a toy and dog-hair-free floor.

Third, he says to write down the very next physical action required to move the situation forward. Dang. That one was easy, too: put down the book and get up and have a big toy pick-up and petraking of the carpet!

So that ate up a good chunk of the day. Seconds after I finished the carpet, Truffles sat down and scratched at one of the horsefly bites on her ears, and left a tuffet of hair right in the middle of the carpet. 89 degrees F, hot, windy, what does a dog need all this hair for?

Tomorrow it's only supposed to be in the 80's, instead of the "high 80's". I hope to get some real knitting done, and maybe I'll brush the dogs outdoors if it is cool enough to go out without feeling like I'm walking into a nice hot steamy Finnish sauna!

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