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10 July 2006

Busy Little Knitter

The swelling from the wasp sting went down in my finger, and away I went!

First I did my sample from the KnitalongSampler M Yahoo group.

This little pattern at the top is called "Snowdrops", and although I'm afraid my picture doesn't show it very clearly, it does look like the little snowdrop flowers that bloom very early in the spring. It is so simple and effective. I love how the stitches make the edge of the snowdrop bell. I am thinking I could take the "magic" sock toe cast-on from Knitty.com, cast on in the middle of a scarf, and knit outwards from the middle so the snowdrops hung downwards at both ends.

I took one more picture of the "sun in splendor" Pi doily. I stretched it a bit farther and dampened it again, and now I'm fairly happy with the evenness of the color.

The thread took on a nice sheen as it dried. This doily came out so texture-y, almost sculptural. It's nice when you make something and find out afterwards you really like to look at it! (Which doesn't always happen, believe me.)

Then I went down my list of "UFO"s and decided to work on my copy of the fancy knitted dishcloth my husband rescued from the armory. I made a larger graph, so the pattern was easier for me to follow, and now I have two and a quarter repeats done.

I seem to be doing a lot of small knitting. The Pi doily was on US size 1 needles. I'm knitting Sampler M on size 0's. The dishcloth (I think of it as the X's and O's cloth) is on an old pair of US size 1's, 2.5 mm instead of 2.25 mm. My purple socks are on size 2's.

The biggest needle I'm using is a size 5 in a dishcloth -- which reminds me, that's a dishcloth I need to hurry up and finish!

My West Michigan Lace group meeting is tonight, but we won't be at the Byron Township library tonight: we'll be having a picnic in Pinery Park, 2301 De Hoop Ave, in Wyoming, Michigan. So I also need to hurry up and decide what I'm bringing to that!

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