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21 July 2006

Happy Birthday Shopping

Yesterday (Thursday) was our son's seventh birthday. Wednesday I went out to do some birthday shopping for him. I like to shop at thrift stores, both to support their charitable missions, and because they are often a great source for kids' books at reasonable prices.

First I found an older Boye metal tatting shuttle, still on the card, with the narrow hook that I love.

Then I found this:
THUD! I fell right off my stash diet. Two 50 gram skeins of Regia Stretch and two of Regia "Crazy Color", for $1 each???

I did remember to buy birthday presents. And my son had a great time opening them and reading and playing with them. He even got to see his dad, who had a pass from his second two-week annual training of the summer to come home for the day. They went out and played cards in the evening, then we went up to the park and he played on the merry-go-round (or carousel) and with the other kids he found there.

And I even got to sit at the park and knit a couple rows of my socks. This led one of the little girls at the park to ask, "Is that your mom over there sewing those socks?" to which my son replied, "That's my mom, and she's knitting, actually."

A seven-year-old who can tell sewing and knitting apart? Awww, I think this one's a keeper!

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Blogger tatt3r said...

What an incredible find! Fortune favors the well-prepared mind. I really must start frequenting the thrift store in my part of town.

IMHO if you start a pair of socks asap, then you really didn't fall off your stash diet. It's one of those rules, like broken cookies don't have any calories.

9:18 AM  

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