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02 August 2006

Post 199

Since I tend to blithely type away and not notice these things, but noticed this morning, this is post 199. (Just in case I don't notice that the next one is post 200.)

I was indoors yesterday, but did no knitting. Not even binding off the second sock. Instead I got hammered with the migraine spike, and spent a couple hours in the dark bedroom trying not to move in the hope my frizzling brain wouldn't notice me, and would go away. Meanwhile my son made himself a snack, and brought me his tiger pillow. What a sweetie!

It was a short one, only about two hours. Then I had to go out in the heat and deliver my husband's absentee ballot for the primary election that will be while he is still at AT.

After that I went back to obsessively watching the weather from indoors on the internet. Yesterday's high was only 91 degrees, but the overnight low last night was only 81! I went outdoors with the dogs at 6am this morning, and 81 degrees felt cool.

We went back to the lake again last night. We went at 7pm instead of 9pm this time, and were lucky enough to get the parking spot of another Honda Odyssey that was just backing out. And one of my son's schoolmates was there, so they played in the water until he had to go home, then my son dug in the sand with some other boys until I decided we had to go home ourselves. Mostly I just stood in the swells and let them whack my legs. 76 degree water is pretty warm.

I saved the photo above from a Lake Michigan beach webcam that's not too far away from me. At 7am while I'm typing this, the beach is deserted, but I know that won't last.

Cooler weather is forecast for Thursday, with a high only in the 80's. That will be a beautiful day at the beach, with 76 degree water and 80 degree air!

Meanwhile today I'll try again to finish those darn purple socks. [crossing my fingers against migraines]

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