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08 August 2007

Little Sock Progress

In between bouts of printing out an 1840's knitting book from Google books, I worked a row or two of socks, and got a sudden urge to knit tiny.

The human-sized socks are on US size 0 needles (2 mm). The small one is on 5-0's (1 mm) from Lacis, knitted using an old ball of Clark's Brilliant O.N.T.

I've printed out all of Miss Watts' 1840 book "The Ladies' Knitting & Netting Book," First Series, Fifth Edition with Additions. It's much easier for me to read and browse through it on paper rather than on the screen.

You just have to love knitting patterns that start out, "Fancy Knitted Muffatees: Cast on as many stitches as you please, taking care to be able to divide them by four."

As many as I please! What freedom.

Or knitting needle sizes that are described as "rather coarse".

The titles alone are worth the paper & ink I used to print it out: "Porcupine Knitting for a Purse," "Shaggy Purse," and suddenly on page 51, after 50 pages in English, "Pour faire une Bourse". ("Pour faire une Bourse a Crochet a Double Maille".)

Huh? How did that get in there?

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Blogger Ammerins said...

How cool! I want that book too, but can't find it... Can you post the link? Greatly appreciated!

4:56 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

How fun! But who is the doll sock for?

12:43 PM  

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