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18 August 2007

Michigan Fiber Festival 2007, Saturday

There was no one behind me when I drove by Marr Haven this morning, so I couldn't resist stopping and taking a "Sheep in the Pasture" photo.

Yep, these are the very sheep that some of the yarn in their booth came from. Maybe you even bought some of it.

I took the first time slot at our group demo table and brought some things for our display. When the next wave arrived, I got to go and shop, and came back to this:
A completely full table, several of my lacemaking friends, and one of our table's many visitors.

The Woodland Weavers from the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area had a table display, and the Kalamazoo weaving guild had several members demonstrating at their table. We are all in the red barn with the "Free Demos" banner on it -- come on in tomorrow and see us!

After I ate some lunch, I went out and took some more pictures.

This one is from the Michigan League of Handweavers' map of Michigan. Each square was woven by a different Michigan fiber arts guild. Ours was out in the water area.

Okay -- technically a lot of the water squares in this map should show Wisconsin. Sorry. They told us we had a water square. One member wove a blue square, I tatted a two-color tatted lake serpent, another member lampworked a serpent head, and a fourth member assembled the whole thing and added felted white waves.

With all that info, can you find it? No?

Left edge, fourth square up.

I love me my new camera. If you turn off the flash and go close to the bars, you can get lovely pictures of Angora goats.

It was cool and 70-ish all day. I wore long sleeves all day! It was nice not to have to feel sorry for the long-haired fiber animals. On a 90-degree day, all I can think of is how hot that fleece must be.

How many Shetland sheep can you count?

I can't remember whether there were five in there, or if that fluff in the foreground was number six.

Look at that fleece. Must resist. La, la, la, no I don't either want to learn to spin, I don't I don't I don't.

Good thing I have a short attention span: Look, a bunny!

And now I'm really really tired. It's raining gently out (yay!) and I'll be back tomorrow morning at the table. If you missed me, I'm sorry, but I did see several of my fiber friends there today (yay!)

What was I saying? Oh. Bed. Zzzzzzz . . .



Blogger Beth said...

So, if I buy a farm and raise angora goats...you'll come visit me more often?! ;-) Kidding, it does look like fun though and I'm loving the map of Michigan! How cool!

4:38 PM  

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