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11 August 2007

Miss Conehead

"Aren't you supposed to have gone to a party to get a lampshade on your head? And I think mine is on upside down!"

Miss Conehead thanks you for your sympathy.

Usually we deal with hotspots at home, but this one was next to Truffles', ah, vulvar area (goodness knows what searches will find me now!), and a dog that doesn't want to drink or urinate in 80-degree F. weather and 60+ % humidity is not long for this world.

Between the steroid shot and not being able to tear at it with her teeth, the swelling has gone down, and she is much more comfortable. Yesterday she went from walking three steps and sitting down to just walking and even wagging her tail, although she ran that cone into everything. And when she turns her head to look at what it's hitting, that whacks more of it right into whatever caught it.

She is a dog who loves to be in little dens, under a chair or table, or inside the plastic airline crate. She has discovered that it's very hard to get into a little den-like space with a big Elizabethan collar around her neck.

She is also one of those dogs that has to find The Perfect Spot to go, and then has to turn around fifteen times (literally -- I've counted) or more before actually settling down to business. In the outer section of our fenced yard, she ran the cone into every tall weed and grass stalk and sumac bush there was before finally finding The Spot.

I relate to hot spots through my own experience of poison ivy rash. Surely if I can just scratch it enough, it will quit itching! Well, that's what my skin tells me. But experience tells me if I can refrain from scratching (hah! try it in your sleep!), it does actually itch less. So the cone stays on until her skin has settled down some more.

Actual Knitting Content

Look! It's a tiny blue sock with my very first gusset heel! For scale, those are 5-0 or 1 mm knitting needles, and I've got it on my pinkie finger, which is 1.75 inches (46mm) around at the end.

Although there is no size on the ball of thread, it's close to size 8 perle cotton.

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Blogger Julie said...

My lace knitting looks so... sane... compared to that sock.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

It's The Cone of Humility! Oh, how dogs hate that, and who can blame them?

Now, about the tiny sock, who's tiny foot is that for?

You know, it occurs to me that you could knit an entire person...that might be fun!

10:05 PM  
Blogger Holly Bee said...

Poor dog! Our doggy had one of those before! It's so sad!

11:02 AM  

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