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30 October 2007

Need. More. Bandwidth.

I am reaching the tippy finger-ends of my double-knitted snowflake mittens. (Question: why do they call them snowflakes when they have eight points?) I can probably fit one last snowflake as I decrease to the finger tips.

I got my Ravelry invitation yesterday. I'm "alwen" there, too. And that's the source of today's post title.

I hardly ever use my Flickr account, because on dial-up, it's



A person wants to upload a picture in her lifetime, you know? Not some time around the next turn of the century.

Same thing with Ravelry: there are so many things I want to look around in, and watching it drip through the drinking straw of our dial-up connection is like getting a chocolate cream soda one drop at a time. You know it's going to be good. If it [drip] ever [drip] fills the [drip] glass.

There is a rumor that our ISP will soon have wireless available around here. I can't wait.

Meanwhile, in answer to the question A. emailed me, "Is that two sets of mittens you are knitting?", no, it's one set, mostly green on one side and mostly white on the other.

I've been putting up two photos of the front and back with one mitten turned inside out, but here's a less-confusing picture of one palm, with the inside visible.

And to round things off, how about a meme? I spotted this one at Redneck Mother's blog: "Come up with five phrases for which your blog is number one in a Google search."

  • lost arts double knitting
  • lost arts knitting beatrix potter
  • old shale double rake
  • alwen lost arts
  • introvert shirt bleach stencil

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    Blogger amy said...

    Found you on Ravelry!

    Yes, I was very excited when we finally made the leap to cable internet, whatever it's called. Much better.

    12:01 PM  
    Blogger TinkingBell said...

    Hurrah for braodband - my best search which came up number 1 on google? paraplegic budgie!

    Obviously noone else has had that experience - welcome to ravelry - I'll go looking!

    9:12 PM  
    Anonymous Wendy said...

    I love you mittens.

    I hope that you keep up with your blog even in the face of Ravelry,so far I have been able to keep away from it. I am afraid of the time sink since I started school again.

    7:58 AM  
    Blogger dawn said...

    It's always bugged me that those "snowflakes" have 8 points. I dont' think I've ever seen one with 6!

    Ive been on ravelry for a week ("sewiknit") and it's a huge, huge, time-sucker. Fun though!

    8:48 AM  
    Blogger Marguerite said...

    Who is your ISP? Any chance they operate in Almena Township?

    I'm in Idaho at the moment and have fast fast fast cable internet at Son John's computer. Maybe I won't go home.

    1:21 PM  

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