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18 December 2007

The Fire Really is Delightful

Oh, the weather outside is frightful (that part I rarely agree with)
But the fire is so delightful (Okay, I'm all in agreement there this morning!)

Overnight low, 15 degrees F, about -9 C. At 15 degrees, the snow squeaks when we walk on it, and the frost I scraped off the windshield was re-forming until the van's engine got warm enough to drive it away. Definitely a morning for woolly hand-knit socks.

And guess what? I still had three yarn ends not yet darned in on one of my double-knitted mittens! And the weather forecast for Saturday says 40 degrees F and rain.

Last night we had some fun: my husband and our son and I all went to the movies and saw "Enchanted". One of the advantages of living in SW Outer Nowhere was that the total cost of this expedition (three movie tickets on a weeknight, popcorn, drinks, and a tray of nachos) was a whole fifteen dollars!

The price of admission was probably worth the sight of our son rolling his eyes and uttering a heartfelt, "Oh, puh-leeze!" at the mushy stuff in the movie. I guess eight-year-old boys were not exactly the target audience for this film, although there were several scenes in it he liked.

I think one of my favorite lines was Queen Narissa saying, "Spiteful, vindictive, and extremely large, but never crazy."

(And now, back to working on Christmas -- only one more week!)

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Blogger Rose Red said...

Wow - all that for $15??!! I think it costs $15 just for one movie ticket in Sydney (although I haven't been to the movies for a while...it could even be more!!)

1:33 AM  

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