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24 April 2006


I was unable to publish this to Blogger this morning, but that was my foghorn imitation. We had a two-hour delay to the start of school this morning due to fog, which I found out in the usual way: by driving to school and finding the windows dark and the parking lot empty!

So my son had a two-hour morning break, which he greatly enjoyed.

And I knitted a needle or three of the green Pi doily I started last night, to try and get into my head what's going on in Elizabeth Zimmermann's Pi shawls. I've been reading the directions in Knitter's Almanac and trying to understand when I need to add stitches and why, and finally decided I just needed to jump in and start knitting. I don't know if I'll try a Pi shawl, like the pretty thing tatt3r is knitting, or any of the shawls being created on the EZasPi Yahoo group, but these things seem to need to travel through my fingers to make it into my head.

After a second trip to school, I managed to get a picture of this year's half-grown bunny:

The Bunny Story

We live on twelve acres of overgrown ex-orchard, so we have lots of wild rabbits. Near the house, we have a large fenced yard that we let our dogs run in. For the past two years or so, there has been a female rabbit who ignored the rest of the twelve acres and made her little fur-lined nest inside the fenced dog yard! Which I usually found out by the sad death of a tiny little baby rabbit.

This year Mom Rabbit seems to finally have grown a brain cell. She put her nest under one of the pallets my husband builds our wood piles on. At the left of the picture, you can see a snip of chain link dog fence. To the right is the edge of a woodpile. Can you see the little half-grown bunny? There are at least two of them living under the woodpile. Usually they have four to a litter, but I have only spotted two out at once so far.

And what a relief, no pitiful tiny baby bunnies to bury this spring!

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